Blog is back – Wounded Warriors

Hello All!

The “Jack the Carver”  blog is back! I will be commenting on items relevent and not so relevant to the world of wood carving from time to time.

Today I’d like to plug the Wounded Warrior Project, and more specifically… The Eagle Cane Project. This worthy porject was brought to the Aiken Wood Carvers via Vic Fricke. After some conversation with clubs in Maine and Oklahoma and with wood vendors in Wi and  elsewhere; the Vic pitched the program to the Aiken Carvers.

Several of the Aiken members immediately signed on to carve a cane. Later this month, we should have 5 or 6 canes ready to go to wounded serviceman/women from around to country.

Names are given to our club by the Wounded Warrior Project then a willing club member takes up the challenge to carve the cane and the fun begins!

The whole point… support the Wounded Warriors… they have supported you.

Jack the Carver

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