Why Carving Clubs?

Carving Clubs… who needs them? I have given this some thought over the past few months as our local club went through a tough time.
We lost some key members who were dear to us and to be quite frank we have gone through a period of mourning.
Being a fairly small, group of close knit individuals we would meet every two weeks at a local store for the past ten years.
Their loss would have more of an impact to us than we would care to admit.
But there was more, we had grown a bit lackadaisical in attendance. Sometimes folks would show up… sometimes not. I too (sorry to say) fell to the complacency of everyday cares and failed to appreciate the need to get together as a group and talk and carve.

So why clubs? Carving clubs offer members an opportunity to meet and share designs, patterns, styles, techniques; tips, on painting, tools, sanding, turning, finishing, to show or not to show. And a myriad of other benefits.

Most importantly… being an active member of a carving club gives you the opportunity to spend time with “like-minded” individuals who share a love of wood sculpture in all its forms.
That my friend IS what it’s all about.
Happy Carving-Jack the Carver

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