After the meeting…. March 26, 2009

Hello All,

It’s after the meeting  time again and we have been busy as bees.

Marge is ditzy. So says Ned. She has rocks in her head. green-hairNow those of us who know her on a professional level don’t believe it, but Ned IS her husband, AND he does live with her… so we have to wait and see. Hope she get to feeling better though.

There was a lot of discussion about Johns B’s. John murdered 2 B’s, but they didn’t go down without a fight.  bee_2asm11 We have also deduced that the B he offended was NOT of the African type, but more of the South Georgian  Honey B variety. honey-bee    This we know as John has only 2 stingers to remove as opposed to hundreds.  At any rate, may bee the tribe has accepted their queen and all is calm at the hive.

As for carving…

 Ken is working on the ever elusive stick flower cut from a single dowel. The concept is intriguing. Carve an entire flower from a dowel without piecing the pedals on. Good luck Ken.

The Dragon’s Lair is looking good as well with Bill doing a fine job on a beast from the medieval past carved from cherry wood.


Peter has found a chip carving pattern with some interesting twists & turns to it. I look forward to seeing it completed.

Ray (Smieth) has a nice puppy dog all decked out and finished out well.

I met up with Rich K. and had a session on bowl turning today. Hope to turn some bowls and finish them out by either carving reliefs or doing lattice work on them. Should be interesting … we’ll see.

Des will be working on getting the horses to leave the starting gate on Saturday. He is still working on a totem. Des also had his still life painting on hand. Nice work Des!

I host a website for the local carving club, the Aiken Wood Carvers Club at . We’d love for you to stop by for a visit.

 That’s all for now- “Cherrio”  – Jack

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