After the Meeting – March 2, 2009

Dateline March 2, 2008, our mild-mannered carving reporter here…

The Aiken Wood carvers being the helpful bunch we are; took our valuable meeting time to assist one of our own in making one of the most important decisions one could ever face.

Which tattoo to to choose from? Should it be the Gadsden flag or the Aiken Wood Carvers Club Logo? To help make Matts decision easier, we superimposed both onto a prominent racing driver (female) who shall remain nameless in this blog, but has been in the news of late and in certain swimsuit editions of certain sports magazines.

Here are the two examples (minus the race car driver) Matt had to choose from: First, the Gadsden flag:gadsdenflag







Now even the most discerning of artist would agree this would be a lovely tattoo. Next the Aiken Wood Carvers Logo:



Aiken Wood Carvers Club Tatto

Simple elegance…. powerful. Kinda wows you doesn’t it? Imagine this image on your biceps, shoulder, or even a tramp stamp!


Vic completed his boot  and has started on a shelf mouse as a new project.

We welcome, Don P. to the group. He will be starting on a letter opener to learn a little bbout wood grain and handling a knife.

Marge had a test for us to work on, but I think most people had seen it before as everyone passed it and were can’t be that smart… perhaps we cheated. 🙂

I host a website for the local carving club, the Aiken Wood Carvers Club at . We’d love for you to stop by for a visit.

 That’s all for now- “Cherrio”  – Jack


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