After the meeting…

We just had our weekly meeting Tuesday evening and I must say it was a lively bunch. There were 3, count them… 3 new and not-so-new folks at the meeting. One gentleman, Harold Moore, was one of our  founding members back in the early 90’s. Also, Nichole and Vic joined our merry band of wood chippers.

While I worked with our new carvers on a boot and some wood carving basics, others did the usual things: wood burning, caricature carving, animal carving, ( not real animals, mind you- for all the PETA fans).

Hybiscus- carved by Marvin Zulesdorf Photo by Bill Brown

Marvin brought  another of his magnificent Hibiscus flowers similar to the one above.  He never ceases to amaze people with the realism he brings to his sculptures.

As is normal for our group we also engaged in a fair amount of “pre-carving.” Pre-carving for the uninformed is when one brings all of their tools to a meeting and doesn’t pick them up, but sits around and talks about starting carving all night.

Our website for the local carving cub, the Aiken Wood Carvers Club is We’d love for you to stop by for a visit.

Until next time. Jack

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